HSE & Sustainability

Health, Safety, Environment

We provide our workers with safety equipment; gloves, masks, eye protection gear, helmet, face masks, face shields, anti-slip boots, coats, safety uniforms, we regularly conduct training programmes and internal audits to look for defects, which may lead to mishaps at the workplace. Our constant prevention measures have ensured zero injuries at our workplace.

Our employees are compulsorily required to sanitize and wash their hands regularly. We have also offered flexible work times and work from home options for our employees based on their age and location. We sanitize and disinfect our premises, vehicles, incoming and outgoing goods, our products are packed in pilfer proof packing to ensure no damage in transit. 


Our business has grown over the years. With this growth, we have ensured to create a culture of safety, health for our workplace with special care to the environment.

We conduct our businesses fairly and have made it a priority to provide a safe workplace for our employees.

We strive to implement the best practices to better ourselves to provide a great environment to our workers.

We are committed to reduce the strain on the environment. We employ use of eco-friendly non-polluting Biodiesel in our manufacturing activities. We are also in the process of becoming a carbon negative unit and shall achieve that objective in the near future.