The NUTRAFOOD portfolio is designed with one simple concept: FRESH NUTRITIONAL FOOD ALWAYS.

Our items are freshly cooked with clean ingredients. We monitor the cooking process at every stage and our original recipes ensure that you get good nutritional food always.


Health, Hygiene & Safety: All our food is freshly cooked with clean ingredients that are sourced locally from reliable sources. Our ingredients and packing materials are collected in our own vehicles to ensure zero contamination. All incoming and outgoing packs are Sanitized & Disinfected. Our chefs are treated like family, accommodated within our premises and not permitted to leave the premises for any non-urgent reasons. Use of high quality gloves, masks, eyewear, chef coats and chef hats is mandatory during our cooking process. Our packing process is monitored carefully to ensure that the products have the highest quality standards. 

Sustainability & Environment: Our sourcing initiatives aim to support small local businesses to make them self-reliant. We strive to achieve Zero Defect and Zero Effect during our cooking process. All our Ingredients and Cooking Oils are sourced directly from source so that there is no extra handling, this eliminates any chance of contamination. We do not use our Cooking Oils more than twice. Thereafter, these Used Cooking Oils are responsibly discarded to an FSSAI authorized Used Cooking Oil Aggregator who in converts it to Eco-friendly Biodiesel.

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